Welcome to Fantager

Fantager is an online web based manager game. It is completely free to play, all you need is a supported web browser. The game is based in a fantasy world with classic races like elves, human or orcs. The matches are combats between yours and the others heroes.

Your activity in the game will include setting match orders, training heroes, trading with heroes and the special items and much more. You can log to the game any time, analyze opponents strategy, use internal game email or build-in forums. The matches are played usualy two times a week, if you are faring well, you may promote to higher level league and meet better opponents. You can also participate in the kingdom cup and if you are good enough you may also participate in a world cup. If you are interested, you can join and play for free.

The game will be launched 3.8.2009. Please report any bugs you notice - it includes also mistypes or incorrect grammar, on email admin@fantager.net.



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